Frequently Asked Questions


What is CNC Clipart?

CNC Clipart is a marketplace for purchasing a variety of artwork that's designed to be cut on a CNC machine or printed on a 3D printer.

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace is a store where a variety of artists sell content.

Can you create models for me?

Unfortunately we don't undertake custom work/create custom models.

Who can sell on the CNC Clipart?

At the moment we are taking a list of potential artists. If you have an interest in selling your designs on CNC Clipart, please email us at

Do I need an account to download free files?

Yes, as part of creating a secure online marketplace for our files, all downloads require an account with a valid email address.

I've registered but I can't login?

Please check your email. We use a two-step verification process to ensure (as much as we can) that all accounts are legitimate. Click the verification link in the email to complete the process.

Please also check your 'Spam' folder if you can't immediately see the email.


Can I sell the files?

You cannot resell or gift any files downloaded from CNC Clipart (including purchases and free monthly models). This is covered under our Terms and Conditions and Intellectual Property documentation. You may also not modify the original files for the purpose of reselling.

Can I sell creations made from the files?

The files on CNC Clipart are designed to be used to make physical items on CNC's or other additive or subtractive devices. You may use the files to make such physical items, and sell them for the purpose of business, a hobby or to gift to others.


How do I download my items?

Upon purchase your files will be available to download instantly, but can also be found in your account dashboard under 'My Downloads'.

Where do I find the items I have purchased?

At any point you can visit your user dashboard found under your profile section and download your files.

How long will my purchases be available for download?

You will be able to download any purchases for 365 days from the date of purchase.


What file formats will I receive?

With every purchase you will gain download access to each format of the design file - RLF9, RLF and STL files - of the model you purchased.

To test compatibility with your design software, we strongly recommend downloading our choice of Free Monthly Models.

What software can open CNC Clipart files?

We have actively tested the files in Carveco Maker and Carveco Maker Plus, Vectric V-Carve Pro and Vectric Aspire, Mastercam, Fusion 360 and Rhino, but any software that opens STL files will be able to open our file formats.

We have created a series of tutorials to guide you through importing our models into your preferred software.

Which file is best for Carveco software?

Use the file with ...(NEW).rlf in the file name.

Which file is best for Vectric software?

Use the file with ...(RLF9).rlf in the file name.

Which file is best for Fusion software?

Use the file with ...(STL).stl in the file name.

Which file is best for MasterCAM software?

Use the file with ...(STL).stl in the file name.

What is a Relief Model?

A Relief (or 'Bas-Relief' as it's also known) is a 3D artistic design on a 2D plane. Relief models have less height than traditional 3D designs, that allow them to be viewed from a wide angle. A good example of a Relief model is the face of a coin. When viewed face-on you can see all the artistic detail, but viewed from the side - the height of the design is very shallow.

Are Relief Models 'Full 3D'?

Not in the traditional sense. Although Relief Models are 3D models, and as such can be printed on 3D printers etc, Relief Models will have a flat rear face or open back. This is what makes them ideal for machining on 3-Axis routers.

Are the models compatible with CNC's and 3D printers?

The models on this site are specifically designed to work with CNC machines and contain no undercuts. The models are also suitable for use on 3D printers but they may have to be made watertight before use as they typically have an open rear-face.

Can individual relief models be broken up into their different design elements?

No. All CNC Clipart relief models are what's commonly referred to as 'Baked in' artwork. Put simply, this means that a relief model with multiple design elements, is one complete 3D relief model.


What payment methods are accepted?

Our Site currently accepts payments via PayPal, including the use of Credit and Debit cards via Paypal.


Can I return my product?

Due to the nature of digital products, we generally do not offer any refunds. You agree that all refunds are at the sole discretion of CNC Clipart. CNC Clipart has no obligation to refund amounts paid to license digital Assets, including but not limited to if CNC Clipart finds that the Asset has been downloaded by the User.

Where can I find more information about refunds?

Our full refund policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions
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