Effective date: November 26th 2020

We respect the intellectual property rights of others and we require that authors/sellers do the same. Nothing in the foregoing will prevent us from bringing an action for infringement of intellectual property rights in any country where such infringement is alleged to occur.

CNC Clipart Content:

This is all the content that we have put on CNC Clipart  Site and includes the design, compilation, and look and feel of the CNC Clipart site, and copyright, trademarks, designs and other intellectual property on the CNC Clipart site (unless otherwise stated and excluding content owned by others like author content).

Author/Seller Content

Everything that you post on the CNC Clipart website, or send it through the CNC Clipart site to other members and provide to us including items, files, communications and materials.

Model and property releases

Items are available for commercial use (unless stated otherwise by the Author on an item page). Authors are responsible for obtaining and keeping a model or property release if one is needed; please ask the author directly if you need a copy of a release.

What we don’t own

We do not own the items on CNC Clipart website; our authors do. Items are uploaded at the direction of the author. So we cannot take responsibility for the quality, safety or legality of the items. We do not warrant that the items or any member content, code, data or materials available on or via the CNC Clipart website do not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.

What are your options if you think your content is being used without your permission?

Contact the Author directly

Consider whether you wish to contact the Author (seller of the item) who you think might be breaching your intellectual property rights. There may be a misunderstanding that you and the Author might be able to sort out without resorting to the formal processes outlined below.

Send us a complaint

If you’re a copyright owner, or have the authority to act on behalf of a copyright owner, then you may consider sending us a complaint notice to remove such content. We will evaluate your complaint and may request evidence supporting your ownership to such content.

Contact Us

Please send us an email to contact us at support@cncclipart.com

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